Latest Project: Rayon Riddles

We direct our attention to the latest graphic engines and awesome storytelling to satisfy your game experience.


Unreal Engine 4

We work with Epics Unreal Engine since 2010. On the day Epic launched their Unreal Engine 4 in early 2014 we started working with it, to achieve the "next generation" standard.

Since it`s one of the state of the art Videogame environments and still getting better, we use it for nearly every game project.


Autodesk Maya

Maya is our tool of choice for every 3D modeling and animation task. It is used by Pixar for their Academy Award winning animated movies as well as in AAA game productions.



To refine Game models, illustrate or conceptualize new ideas and create a realistic level of detail on simple in-game meshes we use Zbrush. Additionally we use its rendering powers to get quick ideas of concepts.


Adobe Photoshop / After Effects

There is just no way around world's leader in imaging.


Substance Painter & Designer

This tool is a real newcomer but quickly made his way into the industry. It's used to paint not only the pretty color on the polygons you see in our game but paint any surface information you can image, like roughness or transparency.