Latest Project: Rayon Riddles

Rayon Riddles

Rayon Riddles is a game for PC and PlayStation 4 based on fantastic elements, intriguing riddles and a funny plot.

Rayon Riddles – Rise of the Goblin King is a fun adventure about four Goblins on the run from the Orcs. Only with cunning, guile and bright ideas will the player be able to guide them safely through every level, to escape the Orcs andsee their long wished-for homeland again. The three Goblins in the group – Tech, Heavy and Tiny – can move freely throughout the game world, solve quests, build items, blow things up and sometimes even play a trick on a stupid old Troll.


  • Four playable Charakters
  • Stunning 3D environment
  • Complex and intriguing riddles
  • Hours and hours of gameplay
  • Funny and exciting plot twists
  • Available for PlayStation 4 and PC
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Die Innenwelt (The hollow world)

Our future project with the working title Innenwelt. Proposed is an open world role-play game for core gamers with first person modus and based on the “Unreal 4 Engine”. It will stand out through its awesome story, a close atmosphere and the concept of a hollow planet. Provision is made for three character classes with own character development and the opportunity to end the main story in different kind of ways.

We will start developing this game in early 2017.


  • 3D Setting
  • First person modus
  • Open-world role-play game
  • Three playable character classes
  • Individual character development
  • Alternative endings
  • Unique vegetation and animal concepts
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Dildofee im Zauberwald

Our first game on the mobile games market. This game was created for Fun Concepts OHG. It’s a mobile puzzle game which features various products of their shop. It’s build on Unreal Engine 4 and will be published soon.


  • Full 3D environment
  • Two challenging game modes and one free mode on top
  • Custom background songs, written for this game
  • Infinite game situations with our map creation algorithm
  • Fun to play for every one
  • iOS and android support

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