Schlag den Star

Schlag den Star - Das Spiel

After three successful SCHLAG DEN RAAB games, welcome to the next round with SCHLAG DEN STAR. You and up to 3 of your friends compete against each other in 25 challenging games from the TV show. Show everybody that you do have more skills than just the greatest general knowledge! You also need to have a great perception and ingenuity to win games like "Quiz", "Bogenschießen", and “Sachen Merken”.

Engine Unity 3D
Publisher bitComposer Interactive
Plattforms Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Steam
  • 25 challenging games
  • 12 of these are Thrilling action games
  • Even more content
  • Your are the star: Create your own
  • Personal adressing: about 700 fully voiced names
  • Four game modes