What can we do for you?

Game Development

Having launched and developed several games from start to finish on most of the major platforms, we benefit from a large pool of experience. We might just be the right team for your project!

3D Modelling

3D Models are probably the most important thing for games. Yes yes. Without good models, your game could look like.... Unless that's what you've been looking for... we could help you to make the best 3D **** that you've ever seen. Pink with sprinkles, if that's your thing.

Rigging and Animation

They say that animation is even more important than the model. Despite what the other box says. It's lying. Good animation can make up for a bad model. I'm not saying our models are bad. Not at all. But… dang… how do I get out of this… ANIMATION.


What's a good game without a compelling story? ...Exactly! Not very cool! So if you're looking for the team with the most awesome storywriter, you're in luck and have come to the right place! Plot twist, surprising beginnings, smooth story arcs, whatever you want, we got you covered!


Normally people would take a side for which game engine they would like to use. We don't care about that nonsense! We'll make a great product using Unreal OR Unity! Since we successfully released games with both engines, we feel really comfy with either... so you choose! Or better let us choose, what's the best fit for your project ;)